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09 July 2018



  • Drilling identifies further cobalt, nickel and copper mineralisation including:
    • 4 metres at 11% cobalt, 3.20% nickel and 314ppm copper from 43 metres including;
      • 3 metres at12% cobalt, 3.85% nickel and 346ppm copper
      • Single metre cobalt grades of 41% and 0.36% cobalt
    • 2 metres at 38% cobalt and 1.05% nickel from 65 metres
    • Multiple holes ended in mineralisation
  • Highly anomalous copper assays suggestive of sulphide mineralisation including;
    • 23 metres at 1,024ppm (0.1%) copper from 22 metres
    • 33 metres at 527ppm copper from 18 metres

White Cliff Minerals Limited (“White Cliff” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on exploration drilling conducted at its 100%-owned Coglia Well cobalt-nickel project near Laverton in the Western Australian goldfields.

Drilling intersected substantial cobalt-nickel mineralisation in several consecutive holes extending across a width of 850 metres with assay results including:

CGAC0044:    4 metres at 0.11% cobalt and 3.20% nickel from 43 metres (hole ended in mineralisation) including;

   3 metres at 0.12% cobalt, 3.85% nickel and 346ppm copper

CGAC0037:    2 metres at 0.38% cobalt and 1.05% nickel from 65 metres depth (hole ended in mineralisation)

CGAC0045:    6 metres at 0.75% nickel, 0.02% cobalt from 33 metres (hole ended in mineralisation)

CGAC0047:    16 metres at 0.53% nickel, 0.01% cobalt from 37 metres (hole ended in mineralisation)

CGAC0048:    10 metres at 0.66% nickel, 0.01% cobalt from 47 metres (hole ended in mineralisation)

CGAC0035:    1 metre at 0.04% cobalt and 0.85% nickel from 70 metres depth (hole ended in mineralisation)

Drilling also intersected significant copper mineralisation including; 23 metres at 1,024ppm copper in CGAC048 and 33 metres at 527ppm copper in CGAC047. Copper mineralisation tends to concentrate in the regolith profile at the top of the water table; however, the grades encountered are highly anomalous and may be associated with a sulphide source.

As with the previous announcement several holes ended in cobalt-nickel mineralisation but drilling did not consistently penetrate the silica layer immediately above the main cobalt-nickel mineralised zone. The air core drilling equipment was unable to penetrate the silica layer and did not penetrate to the deeper parts of the mineralised zone that occurs from 75-95 metres deep. Due to hard ground conditions further drilling programs will be conducted with a larger drill rig.

White Cliff Managing Director Todd Hibberd said: “The final batch of assay results from the Coglia cobalt project has identified more cobalt and nickel mineralisation at significant grades including 3 metres at 3.85% nickel 0.12% cobalt and 346ppm copper. The identification of highly anomalous copper grades (23 metres at 1,024ppm Cu) and nearby nickel grades up to 4.23% nickel is suggestive of a nearby sulphide source for the mineralisation. The copper anomalism appears to increase towards the contact between the ultramafic unit and the underlying felsic volcanic rock, the classical position for nickel-copper sulphide mineralisation. The Company is currently planning follow up drilling.”

Further updates will be provided as this process continues.

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