The Bremer Range Nickel Project (100%)



  • The project contains multiple nickel anomalies along the basal contact of the ultramafic sequence that host two nickel sulphide deposits.
  • Recent drilling has identified significant nickel mineralisation including:
    • 32 metres at 0.83% nickel and 226 ppm copper (Lake Percy)
    • 12 metres at 1.0% Nickel, 300ppm Copper and 0.16% Zinc (Bremer)
    • 1 metre at 2.0% Nickel, 235 ppm Copper and 0.15% Zinc
  • Key deposit horizon remains untested by EM or drilling for nickel sulphide along a 25 kilometre section of the basal contact
  • The entire ultramafic sequence is prospective for magmatic nickel and copper sulphides
  • Electromagnetic surveys, geochemical sampling and drilling planned for 2015


The Bremer Range nickel project is located 350km south-east of Perth and 250km north of the southern coastal town of Esperance. The project covers approximately 250 square kilometres in the Lake Johnson Greenstone Belt (Figure 1).. And can be accessed via sealed highways and good quality gravel roads. The project is immediately adjacent to two existing nickel sulphide mines and the area has excellent infrastructure.

The Bremer Range nickel project consists of several leases covering the southern (Bremer Range) and northern (Lake Percy) extensions of the mine sequence that hosts the Maggie Hays and Emily Anne nickel sulphide deposits (14 Mt at 1.82% Nickel).

Nickel sulphide mineralisation at the existing mines occurs on the lower contact of the ultramafic units immediately above a felsic basement. Several models have been proposed to explain how the mineralisation has formed with the most common theory suggesting gravity settling within lava channels from a magma containing excess sulphur.

The Bremer Range tenements cover at least 25 kilometres along the lower contact of the ultramafic unit that have not effectively been tested for nickel sulphide mineralisation at depth.

The Bremer Range Prospect

The Bremer Range Prospect consists of four tenements covering a 15 kilometre section of the basal contact of a nickel sulphide fertile ultramafic komatiitic rock that has extensive surficial nickel laterite mineralisation and highly anomalous copper values (Figure 2). Recent drilling at the Southern end of this sequence identified significant nickel mineralisation with the best intersection of 12 metres at 1% nickel, 300ppm copper and 0.16% zinc including 1 metre at 2% nickel, 225ppm copper and 0.17% zinc. The Company believed this prospect is exceptionally prospective for nickel sulphide deposits

Lake Percy Nickel Prospect

The Lake Percy nickel prospect is located 30 kilometres north of the Maggie Hay and Emily Anne nickel mines (14Mt at 1.8% nickel) and consists of the series of folded mafic, sedimentary and ultramafic units. There has been extensive historical exploration for gold and nickel but the majority of the work has been shallow RAB drilling and geochemistry. Recent exploration by the Company has identified several new geochemical anomalies and recent drilling (2013) at the southern limit of this zone identified 32 metres at 0.83% nickel, 226 ppm copper and 176 ppm cobalt from 24 metres (LPRC007) mainly within the weathered ultramafic regolith profile.

Bremer Range and Lake Percy prospects
Figure 1 Project Location Map showing tenement holdings, mine locations and the location of the Bremer Range and Lake Percy prospects.

Figure 2 Bremer Range
Figure 2 Bremer Range nickel prospect showing prospective basal contact in red.