Merolia Gold Project (100%)

The project covers 145km2 of the Merolia Greenstone belt and incorporates the Ironstone, Comet Well and Burtville East Gold prospects along a 14km long corridor collectively known as the Comet Well Mineralised Trend (CWMT). The Project is made up of three exploration tenements: E38/2552, E38/2693 and E38/2847 covering a total land area of approximately 145 km2. The CWMT was identified by a mixture of recent soil geochemistry, small scale unregistered mining and prospecting.

During the life of the project a vast soil sampling program was conducted by WCN.  The company’s current tenement holding is covered by 3,340 soil geochemistry samples as shown below.

Soil Geochemistry samples covering the current Merolia group of tenements