Social License

Responsible Mining defines how we do business at White Cliff. We have a responsibility to protect the environment, to conduct our business based on the highest ethical standards, and to contribute to the welfare of the communities and countries in which we operate. This global commitment makes us stronger and more successful as a company.

At White Cliff, corporate social responsibility is not an add on. It is fundamental to our business strategy. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work. Our aim is to share the benefits of mining with our employees and the community and contribute to economic and social development.

When evaluating the viability of mining projects around the world, we take into account social, cultural, economic, environmental and governmental factors in the region. We foster an open and public dialogue and receive input from communities, governments and other stakeholders. We listen carefully and are responsive in order to address impacts and build relationships based on trust. Through this constructive approach, we are able to work collaboratively to identify the needs, priorities and concerns of local people and regions, and create sustainable community development programs. In tangible terms, we invest in people and the communities neighbouring our operations. We make it a practice to hire locally. We offer skills training to area residents and support local procurement. These measures create employment and economic opportunities, often in some of the most remote developing regions around the world.

Beyond employment opportunities, we consult with the community on capacity-building programs and initiatives. These activities are tailored to meet the needs of the community and may include infrastructure development, apprenticeship and skills training programs, health, education and scholarship programs, and support for a wide array of community initiatives.

We have developed a new Community Relations Policy which outlines our commitment to building strong relationships in the communities where we operate. The Policy is supported by the Community Relations Standard, and the Community Relations Procedures, Guidelines and Toolkits which together will form White Cliff’s Community Relations Management System (CRMS).

Community Relations Policy

We believe

  • Mining can be a positive force for social and economic development
  • We have a responsibility to develop and maintain constructive relationships with host communities
  • Two-way engagement and dialogue will build trust and foster genuine collaboration with local stakeholders
  • We have a responsibility, together with government and other partners, to mitigate the impacts of our operations and to capitalize development
  • As a company we are accountable for our actions

We promise

  • To respect the human rights of all stakeholders with whom we interact
  • To listen to and engage with host communities in a culturally appropriate, transparent and gender-sensitive manner
  • To work proactively with communities to identify and manage social risks, impacts and obligations
  • To help foster a stable, healthy and safe environment in which to live and work
  • To collaborate with host communities, governments, employees, contractors and other partners to promote sustainable social and economic development.
  • To address grievances in a fair, timely and consistent manner
  • To consider the values, needs and concerns of Indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups within our sphere of influence
  • To minimize the need for, and mitigate the impacts of, physical and economic displacement
  • To leave a lasting positive legacy by working with local stakeholders to prepare for our eventual departure and the closure of our operations
  • To monitor and continually seek to improve our community relations performance in order to create value for our stakeholders and shareholders alike.

Working together with local communities for mutual long-term success