Comet Well Gold Prospect (100%)

Soil Anomalies

The soil anomalies contain a maximum gold value of 2600 ppb (2.6 g/t) but are more commonly 20-50 ppb gold with several samples greater than 100ppb. The anomalies extend along approximately 2.7 kilometres of strike and in places are up to 200-400 metres wide. The mineralisation recognised in this region consists of multiple sub-vertical quartz reefs that contain visible gold as evidenced by gold nuggets recovered from quartz veins at surface.

Geological map of the Comet Well gold trend and adjacent Ironstone gold anomaly and gold nugget locations.


The Comet Well Gold Prospect incorporates a number of significant soil geochemistry gold anomalies and has yielded a significant number of gold nuggets by prospectors working under formal tribute agreements.  The recovered gold nuggets are associated with two strongly mineralised gold trends defined by soil geochemistry conducted by WCN.  The Comet Well and Comet Central mineralised trend are parallel and approximately 1.2 kilometres apart and are 2.5 and 2.7 kilometres long respectively (above figure).

The largest nugget weighing 20g in a total of +40oz being found along the Comet Well Mineralised Trends. A single quartz vein returned 4oz of gold.

A selection of gold nuggets recovered from the Comet Well Mineralised Trend and an outcropping quartz vein