The Diemals Li/REE Ni/Cu project consists of 8 tenements, (E77/2880 to E77/2885, E77/2932 and E59/2708) within the Southern Cross Belt, located 185km north of Southern Cross and 75km east of Paynes Find.

Regional Project Locations

Diemals Li/REE project, tenement location, CSIRO sampling points and 1,860ppm Ce sample site for immediate follow up, and showing White Cliff tenement location relative to Nimy’s Mons nickel sulphide project

Geological Setting

The project area is underlain by deeply weathered granites west of the Southern Cross greenstone belt with recent reinterpretation of detailed aeromagnetic data by Nimy Resources suggesting the northern tip of the Forrestania greenstone belt terminates within the western tenement area.

Exploration history and potential

Large area located near Diemals, located 185km north of Southern Cross and 75km east of Paynes Find. The area of the six tenements at Diemals total 783 blocks are effectively unexplored. Very strong Ce responses up to 1,860ppm in ferruginous lateritic material based on the laterite Geochemical database for the western Yilgarn Craton (YLA) published by the GSWA1. Additional results suggest the responses are part of a westerly trending zone. The outlined area represents the primary target to be investigated with just 2 samples in an area of 55km2.

  • Cornelius, M., Robertson, I. D. M., Cornelius, A. J., Morris, P. A., 2007 Laterite geochemical database for the western Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Western Australian Geological Survey, Record 2007/9, 44p.

The surface ferruginous concentration may represent REE mineralisation within the clay profile analogous to the inferred primary source of the clay hosted Koppamurra REE deposits held by Australian Rare Earths Limited (ASX:AR3) in South Australia.

Next Steps at Diemals

  • Acquire high resolution magnetic and radiometric data

  • Consider VTEM on west side of tenure

  • Surface sampling follow up work